ubuntu git clone push pull 非常慢的问题

最近装了ubuntu系统,git clone pull push 代码的时候非常慢,上网查了一下,发现问题所在,以下是原文

Some of our developers installed Ubuntu 10.04 and they are experiencing slow remote operation specifically git fetch, pull and push. I first suspected an error in the git server setup using indefero but the other users on Ubuntu 9.04 did not have this problem.

Investigating further, I found that using ssh to connect to the git server was also slow which could be the cause of the problem. To find out what happens during ssh connection I did:

ssh -v [email protected]

This revealed that ssh was spending a lot of time on using gssapi-with-mic.
To turn this off, I modified the file /etc/ssh/ssh_config to add

GSSAPIAuthentication no

Sure enough, the git operations improved and it has now stopped becoming a chore to do git fetch, pull and push.

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意思是需要使用ssh来连接git 服务器,


ssh -v [email protected]




GSSAPIAuthentication no




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